PAWR Platforms

Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research


The Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research program is enabling experimental exploration of new wireless devices, communication techniques, networks, systems, and services that will revolutionize the nation’s wireless ecosystem while sustaining US leadership and economic competitiveness for decades to come.

The Platform for Advanced Wireless Research Project Office (PPO) manages the $100 million public-private partnership and oversees the research platforms. The PPO is co-led by US Ignite, Inc., and Northeastern University. It collaborates closely with NSF, the wireless research community, local communities, and industry, in part through the Industry Consortium, in the design, development, deployment, and initial operations of the research platforms.

US Ignite, Inc. is a non-profit organization accelerating the smart city movement and advancing technology research that serves as a foundation for more connected communities.

Northeastern University is a global, experiential research university. Northeastern is the recognized leader in experiential learning, powered by the world’s most innovative cooperative-education program.

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