A Data Collection and Control Framework


SCOPE is a development environment for softwarized and virtualized NextG cellular networks based on srsRAN. It provides: (i) A ready-to-use portable open-source cellular container with flexible 5G-oriented functionalities; (ii) data collection tools, such as dataset generation functions for recording cellular performance and metrics, and for facilitating data analysis; (iii) a set of APIs to control and reprogram key functionalities of the full cellular stack at run time (e.g., scheduling policy, slicing resource allocation), without requiring redeploying the network, and (iv) an emulation environment with diverse cellular scenarios closely matching real-world deployments for precise prototyping NextG network solutions. SCOPE has been prototyped and benchmarked on the Colosseum wireless network emulator, where an LXC container of SCOPE has been made available, and it is portable to LXC-enabled testbeds.

SCOPE Experiment Workflow

If you use SCOPE, its APIs or scenarios, please reference the following paper:

L. Bonati, S. D’Oro, S. Basagni, and T. Melodia, “SCOPE: An Open and Softwarized Prototyping Platform for NextG Systems,” in Proceedings of ACM MobiSys, June 2021. [pdf] [bibtex]

You can find more information about SCOPE at the following repository.

Additionally, a version of SCOPE with an embedded E2 termination to interface with ColO-RAN near-real-time RIC is available at the following repository.

If you use this version of SCOPE, please also reference the following paper:

M. Polese, L. Bonati, S. D’Oro, S. Basagni, and T. Melodia, “ColO-RAN: Developing Machine Learning-based xApps for Open RAN Closed-loop Control on Programmable Experimental Platforms,” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, July 2022. [pdf] [bibtex]